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When you need financial help, it is rare to find a friend or family member willing to give you a loan. Some folks just don't have the funds to loan, and most people don't feel comfortable loaning out money. There really is a much better solution. If you need cash, you should check into title loans Montgomery. You can choose from a number of repayment plans to find terms that fit well with your budget, and you get your funds in 24 hours or sooner. You'll know exactly what your financial obligations are because you'll receive a contract, which spells out the terms of the loan. Borrowers have the freedom to decide how they'll spend their funds. You can use the money for absolutely anything. People use their payouts to make ends meet, cover car repairs, pay for insurance, pay for college tuition or to buy groceries. The process starts with an online application and continues with a free loan consultation and loan approval. It's a fast and easy solution for resolving financial worries.

Navigating Through the Application Process

What Do I Need for Loan Approval?
  • A vehicle that is in working condition and paid in full.
  • Income to repay your loan.
  • A lien free title, which lists you as the legal owner of the vehicle.
  • A government issued identification card, which proves you are at least 18 or older.
What Information Is Required on the Application?

We need your full name to confirm your identity, your zip code to verify your location and a phone number where we can call to discuss loan arrangements. We also need a little information regarding the vehicle you will be submitting as collateral such as the make, model, body style, age and a mileage estimate.

Where Can I Apply for a Loan?
  • Complete an application at a nearby loan center store.
  • Apply over the phone.
  • Fill out our short online application.

Information About Title Loans Montgomery

How Much Cash Could I Get?

The amount of cash you could qualify for depends on the value of the automobile offered as collateral and your income. Usually, your loan amount will run close to about 75 percent of the market value of your auto. If you have an older vehicle this could amount to a few hundred dollars. However, if your vehicle is new and has low mileage, your loan amount could be several thousand dollars.

Will I Be Turned Down for Poor Credit?

No one is ever turned down or penalized when applying for title loans Montgomery. The fact is, Terell Car Title Loans doesn't utilize credit information as part of our loan approval process. We don't need credit information because loans are already secured using the customer's vehicle.

Do I Have to Declare the Purpose for the Loan?

No, we will not ask you why you want to take out a loan. This really is your personal business, and it is not necessary to state why you need a loan.

How Quickly Can I Get My Loan Funds?

You'll be pleased to know that our title loans Montgomery pay out in record time. All approved borrowers receive their cash at the loan closing within 24 hours of applying.

Can I Still Use My Car During the Loan Period?

Yes, you certainly can use your car to drive anywhere you wish during the loan period. We trust you to make your payments on the loan, and we don't want to place a burden on you by restricting driving or impounding your vehicle.

How Do I Get a Lien Free Title?

If you have already received a lien release from your auto lender, you can take it to your local Motor Vehicle Department to exchange it for a new lien free title. You should contact your auto lender if you have paid off the car and haven't received your lien release.

How Car Title Loans Work

Start the Application Process

Whether you apply over the phone, online or at a loan center store, you'll receive an instant loan quote. This is the amount you could qualify for, so get your application in now.

Consult With a Loan Representative

To make it as convenient as possible, we complete the loan consultation over the phone. You may be asked a few questions about your monthly income and how you plan to repay the loan. We'll provide you with repayment plan options, and we may make some recommendations about plans based on your monthly income.

Legal Paperwork

To meet legal requirements, Terell Car Title Loans draws up a contract to meet state auto title regulations, which are put in place to help consumers. The purpose of a contract is to create a legal agreement, which is binding on both parties. Essentially, contracts define the legal terms of title loans Montgomery, and they summarize any verbal agreements, which were made during the phone consultation.

It is a good idea for borrowers to read through their contracts to verify the loan terms are correct and match what has been discussed. We encourage you to ask questions and clarify anything that may seem confusing. All borrowers receive a copy of their contract. We suggest you take note of your repayment schedule, which is included in the agreement, so your payments will always be on time.

Closing the Loan

The loan closing is completed after signing the contract. Be sure to come prepared with the paper copy of your vehicle title to meet collateral requirements you agreed to in the contract. After turning over your title, you are free to collect your loan funds.

Whether you need money to pay insurance, repair an appliance, pay rent or cover medical bills, Terell Car Title Loans can help. Get started today by filling out a short application, and we'll get you approved quickly. Our title loans Montgomery are easy to get and we payout fast.

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